Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I wrote a poem regarding this common malady a few years ago.  

Prescriptions are at the end of this post.

I’m a spiritual narcoleptic
 It’s a common thing, I hear
  I suddenly start to sleep
   When the Holy Spirit’s near.
   I don’t pray or read the Bible
  (I’m afraid I’ll overdose)
 Don’t want to see Revival
I’d rather be comatose!
I just don’t want to live
 An “on-fire” life for Christ
  I kinda like my sin
   It’s feelin’ pretty nice:
   A bit of pride and greed
  Some lust and anger, too
 My conscience took a nap
So it ain’t too hard to do!

Well, discipline and prayer
 Are things I hate to hear,
  And all that stuff on purity
   I avoid with nervous fear.
   I don’t need to be “sold-out”
  The price is way too steep
 Don’t wanna be ‘transformed’-
It’s easier just to sleep!

So quit your talk of holiness
 ‘Cause I sure don’t want to change
  And forget this “cleanse me” business
   My friends might think I’m strange.
   Don’t want to seem “fanatic”
  (That’s a term I really hate)
 Don’t want to get too drastic
So I choose to hibernate!

When the preachin’ is anointed
 I can’t take it any more
  When the Spirit starts convictin’
   I just begin to snore!
   I still go to church on Sunday,
  To do the “Christian thing”
 ‘Cause I know the coming week
I can have my worldly fling:

Monday night is football
 Movie night the next
  Wednesday hit the mall
   And Thursday surf the 'net
   Friday’s when I party,
  On the weekend watch TV
 (It’s been a tiring week
So don’t you bother me!)

I gotta watch the stocks,
 The Soaps and all the rest
  I’m a regular at the shows
   And I know which actor’s best.
   No time to read the Word
  Or tithe my well-earned money,
 (They’ll say that I’m a nerd
Or think I’m kinda funny)

And what’s this “Great Commission?”
 That I’m hearin’ all the time
  Who cares about the lost
   As long as MY life’s fine!
   Don’t wanna help the poor
  Or see the hungry fed
 If they’re knockin’ at my door
I’ll stay in this ol’ bed!

You may say that I’m lukewarm
 But I think that’s slightly false
  Just come a little closer
   You might find a real faint pulse…
   Look, I’ve got no room for God
  Can’t you see my life is hectic?
 I’m really not that odd -
Just a Spiritual Narcoleptic!
                                                    - J. Willoughby -

Prescriptions for Spiritual Narcolepsy:
1.  Read No Compromise by Keith Green (once a day, after mealtime.  Chew well).
2.  Listen to "Why Revival Won't Come to Canada" by Brent Cantelon (best taken without food).
3.  Listen to a few Leonard Ravenhill clips like this one (warning: may cause eyes to water).
Repeat these steps until symptoms disappear.

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  1. The poem was convincing enough that I will listen to the stuff you linked to. (Because I know that it will be more convicting yet, and that it is necessary)